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If you asked ten people what their definition of holistic medicine was, there is a good likelihood that you would receive almost as many answers as people you asked! Holistic medicine encompasses an entire realm of various forms of preventative measures and healing techniques that focus on the mind, body and spirit as cooperative parts of the system we call life. Check out holistic practitioners Longmont Colorado services for better health.

Holistic practitioners Longmont Colorado as a System of Care

At heart, and when practiced with best intent, holistic medicine is a complete system of health care that is based on complete cooperation with everyone involved – from patients, to doctors, to therapists and helpers of every level. The goal of this type of system is not to make more money for corporations that manufacture pharmaceuticals, nor is it to make insurance companies more attractive to investors.

Holistic Practitioners Longmont Colorado

Instead, a holistic health system of care fosters an environment of compassion and wholeness. In addition, traditional and modern medical practices come together to create a system intended to create optimal health, rather than simply treat illness. While holistic medicine was pooh-poohed for a time, it is quickly becoming a more popular system of care than those systems that are based solely on modern medicine – and that’s a great thing for everyone. Doctors who practice integrative medicine have more experiance.

A Whole-Person Emphasis

When we talk about holistic medicine from the standpoint of a patient, and what kind of treatment options might be introduced, we see that holistic medicine takes the whole person into consideration – not just the part or parts being treated for a specific illness. Physical condition, emotional well being, social values, nutrition and lifestyle, and even spirituality are taken into consideration. The goal is balance and complete well-being, rather than a quick fix or a specific cure.

Accepted Medical Methods

Once again, if you ask ten people what kind of methods are acceptable to holistic practitioners Longmont Colorado, you are likely to get ten different answers! Here are some of the most commonly used terms for popularly accepted methods.

Alternative Medicine – The nickname “Alternative Medicine” often refers to lesser know or less invasive techniques. These include Medical Herbalism and Acupuncture, as well as Homeopathy and Reiki. Today, these time honored systems are becoming more popular, and some are even offered at medical centers that once focused on conventional methods of care.

Natural Healing -Mind body spirit healing focuses on non-invasive techniques that rely primarily on the body’s ability to heal itself. Many naturopaths combine natural healing with other methods for a whole body approach.

Complementary Medicine – Many conventional practitioners refer to homeopathic methods and various holistic practices as “complementary medicine” intended to supplement conventional methods.

When you stop to think about the fact that many so called “Alternative” methods have been used successfully for centuries, and that societies that practice less invasive methods and work toward balance as a rule, rather than simply waiting for an illness to strike and then combating it, tend to have healthier, longer-lived populations, then the concept of holistic medicine really starts to make sense. Holistic practitioners Longmont Colorado when you need professional help.

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Holistic Practitioners are holistic healing professionals with a gift in one or more areas of healing. From bodyworkers to homeopaths to hypnotherapists, the term holistic practitioner has become one that is often challenging to describe or understand. Hopefully this article will provide you with some clarity on what a holistic practitioner is and how to find one that meets your individual needs.

Saying holistic practitioner is similar to saying doctor. While there are general practitioners that cross along many paths, most specialize in one or more holistic methods or areas. The main areas of specialization are body-centered therapists, energy-centered therapists, mind-centered therapists, soul and spirit-centered therapists, emotional release therapists, and coaches/counselors. All of these therapists strive to bring a greater quality of life to their clients. That may occur through inner balance, self-empowerment, physical ease, or even emotional confidence.

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