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At Restorative Nutrition Therapy, we specialize in different techniques to support the body with nutrition. Susan Hofland completed over 700 hours of training to earn her titles of Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and other muscle testing modalities. Both of these methods combine to create a powerful way to analyze the body and deliver the nutrients needed for natural healing. Find out more about Susan’s training and history here>>


When you come for your initial consultation, we’ll find out what foods you are sensitive to and what environmental factors may be impacting your health. Then, we’ll design a nutrition and supplement program to address any issues. Book your introductory session now or call us at 303-532-1906>>


Muscle Testing


  • Pinpoint Accuracy In Determining Nutritional Deficiencies




  • No Expensive Surgeries Or Procedures




  • Completely Non-Invasive Techniques


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