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Restorative Nutrition Therapy

Restorative Nutrition Therapy was founded on April 10th of 2016 by Susan Hofland. When Susan’s health began to fail she had to seek out a better way of restoring her vitality. Today she is living an exceptionally healthy life thanks to her extensive training in nutrition therapy. Susan has dedicated her time as a nutritionist to helping others gain control of their own health and to live much better lives. 

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At Restorative Nutrition Therapy, we specialize in several different techniques to support the body with naturopathic nutrition. To become a certified nutritional therapist practitioner, Susan completed over 335 hours of coursework and training. In addition, 400 hours of hands-on training went to becoming a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner.  Both of these methods are combined to create a very powerful way to analyze the body and deliver the right nutrients needed for natural healing. 


Whole food supplementation combined with the removal of your personal food and environmental stressors allows the body to fight disease efficiently and naturally. These programs are designed to be very accurate in dealing with nutritional deficiencies that result in the common symptoms associated with disease in the body.

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Nutrition: An Alternative Medicine
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A common misconception in the world of medical doctors is that the only way to rid the body of disease is with pharmaceuticals and surgery. It is a rare occasion when a medical doctor will discuss a patient’s diet as the root cause of their symptoms. Restorative Nutrition Therapy is here to help you understand how to nourish your body and bring it back to health with “alternative medicine.” Our alternative medicine is high-quality whole food and herbal supplements combined with a nutrition plan that is custom designed for your body and your body only.

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Learn About Nutritional Weight Loss Under The Care Of Our Naturopathic Dietician

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Our holistic weight loss therapy is unlike any other. We use holistic nutrition to encourage your body slim down naturally, meaning at a steady rate. In order to achieve the fastest weight loss results, you will need to exercise daily and follow the advice of our holistic dietician.


The benefits you get from nutritional weight therapy are limitless: more energy, sharper focus, and a higher functioning body in general. By combining our dietetic remedies with your active lifestyle, you will maximize weight loss and quickly reach your health goals. Incorporating a holistic diet into your life will inevitably lead to a healthier body and a happier life.

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