Can nutrition
help me?

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My Story

A licensed practical nurse with a BS and an emphasis in nutrition,
Susan’s own failing health helped her see the gaps in modern medicine.

There are ways
other than drugs,
needles, and knives
to heal the body.

At Restorative Nutrition Therapy, we help the body heal itself from disease, illness, and injury. As a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I apply nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic medications, and diet or lifestyle changes to support self-healing.

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Nutrition Therapy Can Help Heal:

Many come to Nutrition Therapy after spending months - even years - as well as great a deal of money in the healthcare system only to come up short on answers. If you feel like you have seen every type of doctor, visited too many hospitals, or undergone countless tests with no results, it may be time to take a different approach.


“After working with Susan for about 6 months, many of my chronic digestive issues are gone, my joint pain has significantly diminished and I had my first ever “normal” autoimmune disease lab results without any prescription medications. I feel healthier than I’ve felt in over a decade. I have much more energy and a far more positive attitude.”



“I have had type 1 diabetes for more than 40 years. When I broke a bone in my foot, it would not heal. In my first integrative manual therapy session, Susan was able to release a painful pocket of swelling on the bottom of my foot that had not improved in 6 weeks. After my second session, I was able to walk without pain. For the first time since the injury, the healing process was measurable.”