Meet Susan Hofland


Like so many people, Susan Hofland was caught off guard in her mid-thirties when her normally healthy body began to seem challenged.


“Nothing was terribly wrong; I was simply not feeling as good as I once had. I started gaining weight despite a healthy diet and lifestyle. I was always tired and my feet and knees began to ache. Then I began to battle depression and chronic illness. My lack of health began affecting my marriage and my kids and I was forced to give up the physical activities I loved.


“As a licensed practical nurse who studied nutrition, I fell back on my training by improving my diet, trying to exercise and resorting to anti-depressants. In the midst of all this, my son was diagnosed with lymphoma and we endured two years of chemotherapy. Thankfully, my son won his battle, but the stress of that time made my fight for health seem insurmountable.”

I was giving my body what it needed to begin repairing itself and function the way it was designed.”

“For years, doctors told me my family history had determined my fate and the best approach was to learn to live with pain. Then I discovered Muscle Testing. For the first time in my struggle, my health plan began addressing the sources of my dysfunction rather than the symptoms. And the treatments did not involve drugs, needles, or knives.


“With Muscle Testing, I was given a specific regiment of whole food nutritional support as well as dietary and lifestyle changes based on my unique health challenges. I was giving my body what it needed to begin repairing itself and function the way it was designed.


“When I realized my health was truly improving for the first time in decades, I decided to redevelop my background in healthcare by becoming a Muscle Testing practitioner. Today, I use Muscle Testing to give others the same hope for a healthy future I now enjoy.”

Education & Certification

    • Bachelor of Science
      U of California at Davis


    • Licensed Practical Nurse


    • Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner


    • Certified Muscle Testing


    • Course work Integrative Manual Therapy