Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing (“NRT”) relies on centuries of wisdom and practice with support from science and clinical experience. In this practice, we analyze your body’s reflexes to determine the areas in need so we can modify your diet appropriately. By incorporating foods rich in nutrients your body specifically lacks, you can actually remedy a variety of health issues. As a traditional form of medicine, this healing methodology has benefited people for thousands of years.

This non-invasive, scientific system analyzes your health for you to take an active role in supporting your body’s ability to function. Using this system, I will help you determine the nutrients missing in your diet you need to supplement in order to find improved and balanced health.

How Does Nutritional Response Testing Work?


Nutrition Response Testing analyzes the body’s reflexes to identify nutritional deficiencies and organ dysfunction. Our bodies pulse with electrical activity as the brain sends messages through synapses throughout the central nervous system. These messages regulate virtually every human activity including internal repair and regeneration. Nutrition Response Testing interprets the electrical activity in your body using your neurological reflexes. Each reflexive response communicates the state of health for the organ, tissue, or function tested.

During the test, I apply small pulses of pressure to your body’s neurological reflexes and acupressure points with your arm extended. When I locate a stressed reflex area, your nervous system responds by diverting energy from your extended arm to the stressed area, causing your arm to drop. This redirection of energy indicates deficiencies or dysfunction in that area of the body. Using this system, I determine if your body struggles from one or more issues including food sensitivity, nutritional deficiency, organ toxicity, or immunodeficiency.

After pinpointing the dysfunctional areas, I can establish the best treatment program for you. I apply nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic medications and diet or lifestyle changes to address the root causes of pain and disease in your body. While challenging these problems with a personalized nutrition program, I monitor changes to the stressed areas until the weak muscle response no longer occurs. Addressing health issues in this manner will help you find improved general health and wellbeing.

What To Expect From Nutrition Response Testing

Prior to your appointment, please fill out the New Patient Introduction Form

Your first appointment will take approximately one hour and will include some physical testing. We will discuss your symptoms or issues, health goals, and any questions or concerns before conducting the Nutrition Response Testing analysis. During the analysis, I will monitor your body’s response to the components of this simple, non-invasive process. The information obtained during this appointment will help me compile the best personalized health improvement program for you. This individualized program will restore your body’s ability to heal itself and lead to improved health. Many participants see results in 4 to 6 weeks, however, every person is different and faster results come for those closely following the recommended therapy.